Health Check Up

Give you car a “Health Check Up” but only at – JACKSON’S AUTO REPAIRS- trusting German Technology by Bosch.

First we will check your vehicle engine’s exhaust gas emissions, using a Bosch KTS670 cutting-edge Emission Gas Analyser to see if you are wasting fuel & money.

Bosch KTS670 Engine gas analysis will check CO,CO2,HC & O2
There has to be a balance between these gasses, if they are out of range, the engine is inefficient and is costing you money
A “Healthy” engine is much cheaper to run and much better for our environment
At the end of the exhaust diagnostic testing, you will be given a print out showing the engine “Health Check Up“ condition.

Next, the tyre condition and pressures will be checked, and the vehicle will be tested on the Bosch SDL state of the art lane tester to see how well the suspension and brakes are performing.

Bosch SDL 260 Diagnostic Lane Tester will give an accurate diagnosis of the wheel alignment and steering geometry
Suspension is then tested by simulating different road surface conditions at different speeds to measures each wheels road holding capability
The Bosch brake tester measures rolling resistance to check if the brakes are releasing correctly, if not, more fuel will be consumed by the engine, brakes and tyres will wear out faster
Brakes are then applied by the technician to stop the wheels turning, a reading is then taken to measure total brake force of each wheels performance
The total brake force is then calculated by the Bosch SDL processor showing if the vehicle will stop in a straight line when under a heavy braking condition even on a wet road
Hand brake is also tested for correct operation

At the conclusion of the testing, a “Health Check up” report is printed out for you to keep

Now that’s peace of mind for any driver, but only at -JACKSON’S AUTO REPAIRS-.

At $89.00 this first time special offer is only for a short time so don’t delay and book your vehicle’s “Heath Check Up” today.

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